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About Us


Reliable Professionals

 For over 25 years, Absolute Plumbing in Brooklyn, New York,  has  provided NYC commercial plumbing and restaurant plumbing services. We  specialize in a variety of commercial plumbing services including  industrial plumbing services, retail plumbing, office plumbing services,  new construction plumbing, plumbing services for healthcare and medical  facilities, apartment buildings and condos. 


Individualized Plumbing Options

 We specialize in providing New York City restaurants with quality  plumbing services including repairs, inspections, violation removal,  sewer and drain cleaning, water heater installations and more. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Our technicians are experienced, licensed and insured New York City  commercial plumbers. Our commitment to our customers is that in order to  be the best New York City plumbing repair and plumbing maintenance  services company for commercial and business accounts, we need to  provide the utmost in customer care. Commercial Plumbing is dedicated  reliable and efficient customer service.